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Brian J. Foley


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About Brian

Traditionally trained. Innovative practice. A powerful legal mind fighting for you.

“People don’t set out to buy lawsuits. They retain lawyers to solve their problems quickly and efficiently. Creativity and problem-solving skills are essential — especially when combined with a threat of a lawsuit by an aggressive, well-trained attorney.” – Foley

Brian J. Foley looks at problems and disputes from more than just the traditional angles, saving his clients time and money.

Foley was trained by the best: Dartmouth College, where he graduated with honors, and top 10-ranked University of California Berkeley School of Law, where he won the Prosser Prize in Torts and was selected as an editor of the California Law Review, the school’s prestigious, flagship journal.

After graduating, Foley clerked for a highly respected federal judge in Philadelphia, the late Hon. Edmund V. Ludwig. He started practicing at Dechert LLP, one of the top law firms in the world. He heeded the call to teach and became a law professor. He helped change the way law is taught — in several traditional subjects, in co-founding the Applied Legal Storytelling movement, and in creating courses in legal writing, public speaking, and creative problem-solving. He was soon training practicing lawyers, in Continuing Legal Education programs and as a private consultant.

After a 17-year career, which included serving as a visiting professor for two years at highly-ranked Boston University School of Law, winning the award for best professor from Drexel Law’s first graduating class a year after his visiting professor appointment there ended, and as a tenured, full professor at Florida Coastal School of Law, Foley decided to put his ideas into practice. He returned to Philadelphia and volunteered, pro bono, for the Defender, where he helped win appeals in criminal cases. Last Fall, he opened his own practice, with the goal of providing top-flight, cost-efficient legal representation that the middle class can afford.

“Access to justice is important to me. Middle class people don’t qualify for free legal aid but can’t afford top-flight private lawyers. I already had a successful career as a professor, so I am in a good position to provide reasonable rates.” – Foley

One focus is Foley’s practice representing professors, students, and others against colleges and universities.

“The ‘corporatization’ of higher ed has destroyed the honor system that prevailed between faculty, students, and administration and has turned these relationships into legalistic, adversarial ones. The new, Corporate U. is protected by overstaffed administrations, legal departments, and high-priced outside counsel. On the other hand, professors and students stand unprotected. They need a lawyer who knows that environment to fight for them.” – Foley

Unfortunately, most of our culture is becoming more and more adversarial. Foley can help you solve your problems — and perhaps turn them into opportunities.

“People I help are great people. Very smart, with interesting and challenging careers – professors, lawyers, creatives, business owners, and working people. They deserve a dedicated advocate.” – Foley